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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

R. Kelly out to raise money for the troops.

"This song is my way of saying thank you to everyone protecting us, and allowing us to sleep comfortable at night and send our children off to school in the morning," Kelly said in a statement. "Some of these young men and women are just 18-20 years old themselves, some have never left their hometown prior to basic or advanced training. The fact that their journey is far, frightening, and unfamiliar to them does not stop them."
Along with the single, Kelly said he hopes to visit the troops (presuming, of course, the judge allow him out of Illinois) and sing it for various military-based events. "The old statement 'music can calm the savage beast' is true in so many ways," he said. "It can also soothe pain, bring calm, and uplift, and that's what I'm trying to do through my music this time."

Yes, when you're facing child pornography charges to the extent that R is, any attempt to make oneself look good has to be worth the effort, however transparent...

posted by James Russell | 4:34 PM

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