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Saturday, April 05, 2003  

RIP Nando Times.

The Nando Times and the Nando SportServer, two of the nation's pioneer news Web sites, will shut down within 90 days, their parent company said Friday. Christian A. Hendricks, vice president of Interactive Media for the McClatchy Co., Nando Media's Sacramento, Calif.-based parent, said the Web sites no longer fit into the company's broader strategy.
THE PROLIFERATION of sites such as CNN and CNBC, he said, also have lessened the need for the national and international content offered at The Nando Times.
None of the 54 Nando Media workers, all in Raleigh, will lose their jobs. The content found on both sites will continue to be posted on the Web sites for McClatchy's print publications, Hendricks said.

posted by James Russell | 7:14 PM

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