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Monday, April 07, 2003  

Russell Crowe: the documentary?

Just when Russell Crowe thought his wedding would take attention away from his bad-boy image, documentary makers are planning a show which explores "the psychology of Russell Crowe".
Researchers from British television production company Granada are developing a program based on Crowe's antics as a "fighting actor" (their words), in the tradition of stars including Richard Harris and Oliver Reed.
The filmmakers are hoping to explore the origins of Crowe's temper. In other words, has he always been hot-tempered, or have the pressures of film stardom prompted his behaviour?
It's unlikely Crowe will want anything to do with the program, given he has tried to distance himself from incidents such as his fight in a London restaurant with New Zealand Warriors owner Eric Watson.

posted by James Russell | 12:13 PM

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