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Friday, April 04, 2003  

Russian TV chiefs ordered to quit it with the US propaganda.

Television chiefs in Russia’s far-eastern Maritime region have been ordered to cut back on Hollywood movies and other United States productions in order to counter “American propaganda” during the US-led invasion of Iraq, local officials said today. Regional Governor Sergei Darkin "has voiced concern that most television companies in the region are broadcasting large numbers of US-made films promoting the rule of force and the invincibility of the US army," said an official. Darkin ordered local media chiefs earlier this week to take action "in the sphere of propaganda and antipropaganda during the Iraqi crisis", the chief of the administration's media relations department Igor Surshkov said.
Some 60 per cent of local broadcasts — including around 1,200 Hollywood movies a year and scores of US-made cartoons — is pro-American, "all of which is providing grist to America's ideological mill", Surshkov said.
Local media are receiving seminars on "information security during the Iraqi crisis" and are being instructed to assume "personal responsibility in preserving Russia's information freedom", he said.

They have information freedom in Russia?

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