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Saturday, April 12, 2003  

Saddam now "probably" dead.

The fate of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein is still unclear but US officials have started leaning slightly toward the view that the Iraqi leader is probably dead, US officials said today.
US intelligence agencies have picked up communications or "chatter" by Iraqis on the periphery of Saddam's toppled government saying they believed he had died.
But officials caution that that by itself is not conclusive proof. Those Iraqis either know that Saddam is dead, believe he is dead but may be wrong, or are trying to feed disinformation to US authorities knowing their communications are being monitored, officials said.
"I'd say it's leaning slightly more to dead than alive," one US official told Reuters.

Times change, don't they. I can't imagine the statement "Hitler's more likely to be dead than otherwise" would've been deemed acceptable back in May 1945. Seems as if it doesn't matter these days whether or not we catch the person we're going to war on as long as we create carnage in the attempt...

posted by James Russell | 4:29 PM

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