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Monday, April 07, 2003  

Sartor planning grand entrances.

Three of the ugliest roads into Sydney will be transformed into pedestrian-friendly boulevards worthy of an international city under a $60 million program over the next five years.
The Lord Mayor, Frank Sartor, who will resign tonight to take up his seat in State Parliament, yesterday unveiled the City of Sydney's plans to beautify Oxford Street, Broadway and William Street.
The top-secret plans were developed over the last year by a committee which included the former prime minister, Paul Keating, and several prominent architects. But they could not be made public until the local government boundaries were finalised, just before the state election.
"I think the city will look fantastic with the avenues coming in. You'll feel a sense of arrival," Cr Sartor said.

Yes, I suppose it's much easier just beautifying those three roads instead of doing anything to solve the nightmares that are the REAL roads coming into Sydney, i.e. the Pacific Highway through the northern suburbs, the Parramatta Road from the west and the Princes Highway from the south. I'm sure Oxford St, Broadway and William St will all look very nice once all is said and done, but will that help make those others roads less abominable?

posted by James Russell | 12:11 PM

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