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Tuesday, April 08, 2003  

The SMH's breaking news story on the Piggins resignation.

George Piggins stood down as chairman of South Sydney as the National Rugby League club's warring parties reached a compromise.
South Sydney lawyer Nick Pappas, who was running a ticket against Piggins in this weekend's football club elections, will take over as chairman.
Piggins loyalist Jim Hatfield will be the deputy chairman.
Four members of the Pappas ticket will combine with five members of the current board to complete the new-look Rabbitohs line-up.
Tuesday's announcement ends nearly a week of in-fighting at the club following Pappas' announcement last week that he would be leading a campaign to unseat Piggins.
Piggins, the man who led the club's successful fight for reinstatement to the NRL, will remain as head of South Sydney Leagues Club but will play no part in the football club operations. [...]
The new is: Nick Pappas (chairman), Jim Hatfield (deputy chairman), Jim Lahood, Peter Lahood, Sol Bellear, Ken Stewart, Nick Greiner, Ray Martin, and Nick Hatzistergos.

Well, there you go, Nicko got what he was looking for (and what Mum reckons he's been looking for ever since the whole debacle in the courts). Now that he's there he'd better deliver, else he'll be lucky to last fourteen months, never mind the fourteen years Piggins put in.

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