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Wednesday, April 02, 2003  

Some decent Iraq news for once.

American troops have rescued a 19-year-old woman soldier held as a prisoner of war in Iraq since she and other members of her unit were ambushed on March 23, US officials said today.
Private Jessica Lynch, of Palestine in West Virginia, went missing nine days ago with 11 other US soldiers from the 507th Maintenance Company when their unit was ambushed near Nasiriyah after making a wrong turn during early fighting.
Five other members of her unit were later shown on Iraqi television answering questions from their Iraqi captors.
Lynch had been listed as missing in action but was identified by the Pentagon today as a POW. She was not among the seven US soldiers - including the five from the 507th shown on television - formally listed as prisoners of war. [...]
Central Command officials in Qatar, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Lynch was rescued from a hospital in Iraq.
Unconfirmed media reports said Lynch, a supply clerk, was being treated for gunshot wounds when she was rescued by US Army Rangers and Navy Seals.

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