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Monday, April 14, 2003  

Some more actual good news from Iraq.

United States marines last night rescued seven missing American soldiers who had been abandoned by their Iraqi captors.
Marines picked up the missing US troops on the road to Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's birthplace and the last stronghold of the regime, which last night appeared on the verge of falling. [...]
The prisoners were all reported in good condition, although two had reportedly suffered gunshot wounds, officers said.
Some of them ran out of a helicopter upon arriving at a US-controlled airstrip near Baghdad and two walked slowly, apparently due to their injuries.
They were transferred to a transport plane which was heading to Kuwait, CNN reported.
Five of the rescued prisoners were part of the 507th Maintenance Company convoy that was ambushed in the city of Nasiriyah on March 23 and later shown on Qatar-based al-Jazeera television, provoking an outcry in the US. Private Jessica Lynch, who was dramatically rescued from a Nasiriyah hospital on April 1, was part of the same convoy.

No word yet on whether the rest of this group will get movies made about them too.

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