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Thursday, April 17, 2003  

Sony withdraws, apologises for "shock and awe" patent.

Electronics giant Sony has admitted "regrettable bad judgement" in attempting to register the phrase "shock and awe" - derived from US military tactics in Iraq - for its computer games division.
The company said it had withdrawn a trademark filing in the US for the phrase, which refers to the deliberately intimidating bombing techniques used in the early phase of the war.
The company said it had had no specific plans for the phrase, but it could have been used for one of the many shoot-'em-up games on its Playstation console.
"[Sony] concurs with the views of those who have expressed strong criticisms regarding this conduct," it said in a statement.
"Steps will be taken to heighten awareness throughout the Sony Group so as not to repeat such issues."

posted by James Russell | 6:39 PM

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