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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

Swaziland radio station's man in Baghdad actually somewhere else.

MPs in Swaziland say the state-run radio station's 'man in Baghdad' has been broadcasting from a broom cupboard in Mbabane.
They claim they saw Phesheya Dube in parliament in the Swazi capital when he was supposed to be in Iraq.
Jojo Dlamini asked: "Why are they lying to the nation that the man is in Iraq, when he is here in Swaziland, broadcasting out of a broom closet?"
Information Minister Mntomzima Dlamini has promised to investigate the matter, reports the Swazi Observer.

He should've done his news reports while he was in bed. That way he could've claimed to be an "embedded" journalist...

posted by James Russell | 11:38 PM

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