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Friday, April 04, 2003  

Sydney invaded by Doctor Who geeks. I've done the convention thing before, a very long time ago (1989 was a very long time ago, wasn't it?), and once was enough, but I'd like to see the Troughton-era episodes (Seeds of Death) they're screening... all the extant 1960s episodes were originally made on video but exist only on film; lately, though, they've come up with some digital trickery to restore the video "look" to some of those episodes for DVD release. I'd be interested in seeing that cos the clips they showed in the news story on TV the other night looked way better than the copy from film I've seen; the Doctor Who Restoration Team website has a neat Java thingy demonstrating the difference, and it's real night-versus-day stuff...

posted by James Russell | 6:37 PM

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