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Saturday, April 12, 2003  

This is the weblog of Stuart Hughes, BBC producer who's been in Iraq. He was with BBC cameraman Kaveh Golestan when the latter was killed by a landmine, and the injury he himself sustained was enough to require the amputation of one foot. It makes for horrific yet riveting reading. (And viewing, too; the blog is quite profusely illustrated with photos.) Interesting insights from the war zone include this:

The Peshmergas live in virtually medieval conditions – like St Kilda 200 years ago. They spend weeks or even months in huts and bunkers on the hilltops with no electricity, no hot water, nothing. Just cold water in a tank and a single kerosene stove. Their resilience is unbelievable, their belief in their cause unshakable. The hardships of their lives are plain to see – soldiers in their early 30s look 20 years older. [...]
One thing that always strikes me about the Peshmerga is their footwear. They’re all armed to the hilt, pledging to die for the liberation of Kurdistan, and yet they’re wearing trainers, hush puppies and dress shoes. One soldier, with a thick band of ammunition slung around his waist, was wearing a pair of pink sneakers with “My Little Pony” written on them.

CNN journalist Kevin Sites has also literally been in the wars, as this post at his blog demonstrates. No landmines or body parts being surgically removed, but in some ways a more worrying experience. Curious that Hughes hasn't had the official oh-no-you-don't order that Sites was given by CNN. Maybe the BBC are less paranoid about their staff expressing their personal views on their personal sites than CNN.

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