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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

Turn down that racket, the Pope's trying to have a nap!

Former Beatle Paul McCartney, currently on a world tour, may turn down the volume when he plays for some 300,000 fans outside Rome's Coliseum, for fear of disturbing the pope.
Organizers of the free concert, scheduled for May 11, say they told the former Beatle he may have to drop some of his louder rock numbers, including "Back in the USSR" and "Live and Let Die."
A spokesman for Mr. McCartney confirmed the warning. Geoff Baker said that some of the more raucous songs might be replaced by ballads, because, as he put it, "you cannot play 'Back in the USSR' at half volume."
Mr. Baker added that "although we reckon that the pope may actually enjoy a boogie, we do not want problems with the neighbors."

Personally I can't imagine the Pope enjoying anything, let alone a boogie. And I certainly can't imagine Macca disturbing anyone these days, unless it's Yoko Ono and the disturbance is about Beatles' songwriting credits...

posted by James Russell | 7:32 PM

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