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Friday, April 18, 2003  


British police today offered a STG5,000 ($A12,940) reward after the body of a Muslim woman was found in a hospital mortuary, covered with rashers of bacon.
The desecration was discovered when the family of the 65-year-old grandmother was waiting to see her body after she lost her fight with cancer.
The Metropolitan Police's racial crime task force was called in to investigate the incident, at Hillingdon Hospital in west London, and an extensive inquiry was launched.
It is strictly against the Muslim religion to touch or eat pork and the woman's family, who do not want to be identified, have been left deeply traumatised.

Yes, way to strike a blow against the Saracen for western superiority, morons. Picking on a 65 year old woman who was probably as harmless in life as she now is in death really makes you look brave.

posted by James Russell | 2:54 PM

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