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Thursday, April 17, 2003  

The ultimate Beatles collectible?

Fans of former-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney have been invited to bid for a tiny piece of musical history -- germs from a bout of flu that caused him to cancel a recent gig.
After two days on the website, the germs have received two bids, the highest for 1.2 pounds and come from fan Ian Mears who claims he caught the bug from McCartney when he met him earlier this month.
"I believe this is the same strain of flu, and effectively his virus," Londoner Mears told the Daily Star on Wednesday. "I had no cold on the Saturday, then on Sunday I spent most of the afternoon with Paul and by Tuesday I too had a cold."
Successful bidders will receive their germs by post. "The highest bidder will receive a resealable bag that I will cough into," he said. "Or if preferred, they can have a plastic container full of mucus."

Next: a bag of authentic John Bonham death vomit fetches record prices on eBay.

posted by James Russell | 8:43 PM

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