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Thursday, April 17, 2003  

What the hell?

US commanders have said they will launch a "snatch-and-shoot" raid for Saddam Hussein if they track him to a hiding place in neighbouring Syria, The Times newspaper said today.
Although troops hunting for members of the toppled Iraqi regime have been ordered to respect Syria's borders, an exception would be made in the case of Saddam, said a senior US source at Central Command in Qatar, according to The Times.

Great... Saddam died in that first decapitation strike, then he was alive, then he died five years ago, then he didn't, then he died in that fucking huge bomb attack, then he didn't, now he could be in Syria. You don't suppose that at some point we'll actually be told what the truth of the matter regarding Saddam's ongoing or otherwise existence is?

posted by James Russell | 6:17 PM

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