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Saturday, April 05, 2003  

Who else reading this out there is using Feedreader (other than Tim Dunlop, that is) or some similar RSS feed program to keep up to date with news? And are you having the same reservations about it that I am? My experience of it so far is that it's exceptionally useful for keeping track of blogs with RSS feeds (so I can turn it on when I start blogging of a day, see that Tim Dunlop's got five new posts, Gareth's got four, Zem's got two, Scott's got one at Ubersportingpundit but none at his main blog, then an hour later check again to find Gareth's added two more and Rob Corr's got a new post too... that sort of thing), it lets me see who's updated and who hasn't, so that I don't waste time clicking the link in my blogroll to find there's nothing new there.

When it comes to the actual news feeds, though, I'm finding that I'm getting a lot of the same thing over again (e.g. the Australian news feed will have the same story linked three times, one from the main site and twice more from two of the specific papers' sites), and as well as being repetitive much of it is useless to boot. There's not much of it I can use, and while I do find a few things through Feedreader I might not have spotted in the course of regular blogging, it's not much and there's a fair bit of crap to wade through to get there. I still like it to keep track of the blogs, though, so maybe I'll just scrap the news feeds and leave it at that...

posted by James Russell | 2:35 PM

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